Your Body is Indeed your Temple!

Thriving Tip: Strive to eliminate recurring intake of unhealthy, food, drinks, and other substances. Take time to move your body each day. Your temple must be nurtured to be your best!
Strength is required to meet the demands of life and withstand the elements of the world. Nutrition and movement are key components to attain and maximize body strength.While I am not an expert, I read articles on nutrition and exercise to stay up-to-speed on the latest information, advice and research results. That being said, I often find too much information and “dueling experts” who provide what appears to be conflicting advice. The cure to this information overload is to start with some basics which are universally agreed upon, and find what works for you.

To improve your nutrition, start eliminating as much sugar and salt from your diet as possible. Craving sweets? Eat some fruit. Hate bland food? Use sea salt and herbs to season food. Reduce or give up soda and other sugar laden drinks. Find substitutes that you like. Make your own iced green tea using honey and lemon. Drink water whenever you can, and you probably still won’t meet the daily recommended amount. Reduce or eliminate processed food and snacks. Find healthy options that you really like and have them handy.

Learning more about your nutritional options and practicing discipline is key. However, food deprivation does not work! If you really want it, whatever it is, you should get it, eat it and drink it 😉 Just try to reduce portions and the frequency of your naughty indulgences. I find that if I eat the occasional slice of pie or cake, my “naughty” sweet tooth is satisfied for awhile and it motivates me to rev up up my workouts. I strive for balance, flexibility and no regrets! These minor adjustments will make a difference. Check it out for yourself.

Cougars, how are you caring for your body temple? What are you doing to promote a healthier lifestyle? How do you recover from your naughty indulgences?

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