Work That Body!

Thriving Tip: Fitness starts within. Decide to make a change and be patient with your implementation strategy.
Body work should be a recurring, natural part of your life. Strength and stamina can be increased through walking, running, dancing, stretching, biking, etc. Find what you like and do it a few times every week.

We all know that life gets in the way, and we are likely to be more active in some weeks than others. The key is to try not to let the week pass without any body work! We all get off track, but we can always start over. For most, we can start or re-start a fitness regime by walking. It works! Put on some sneakers and walk. Walk your neighborhood, the mall, around your workplace….the options and opportunities are endless. Start slow and short and gradually increase the challenge. Above all, be consistent.

If you are faced with many competing priorities and having difficulty fitting in your workout during the week, get it in on the weekend. Just build from where you begin. Once the weekend workouts become routine, add a day during the week. Whether it’s morning, lunch-time or in the evening, you’ll surely begin to feel stronger and stronger each time you work out.

I have a long-term, ongoing relationship with my treadmill, but in the Spring and Summer I power walk and hike outdoors every weekend and during the week when I can. In the Fall and Winter I add P-90X or circuit training. My goals are to add a regular yoga class and biking to my regime.

Consider adding a class at a gym or studio, purchase or borrow a DVD, or watch the Fitness Channel. Be it Zumba, spin biking, kick-boxing, yoga….the possibilities are endless!

Cougars, what do you do to stay fit and firm? Are you like me and change  routines as the seasons change?

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