What Not to Do While Online Dating

Online Dating

Long gone are the days when online dating was considered taboo and loser’ish. Today, meeting a cuddle partner online is becoming just as common as making a purchase online. Technology has given us girls and guys the opportunity to get to know interesting people before meeting them face to face. This is especially valuable for the many over-35-year-olds that are slowly retreating from the club and bar scenes. However, as super fantastic as it can be to date online, the process can be equally frustrating and heartbreaking as traditional dating. Below are few things not to do while online dating.

What Not to Do While Online Dating:

  • Do not drastically change your appearance: First impressions are everything – while you want to intrigue your prospects with an award winning profile, pictures and videos are what usually spark initial interest. Now, it is completely okay to get a makeover, wear your best clothing, put on some make up and wear extensions while video chatting and posting pictures on your dating profiles, however, it is not okay to drastically change your appearance to the point where you no longer look like yourself. This means, no retouching photos to appear thinner, bustier or half your age. Drastically changing your appearance will most likely lead to disappointments once you finally meet your fella face-to-face. He might be put off by the fact that you look nothing like you do in the virtual world, and there will be that bad taste in his mouth that you mislead him. If your goal is to start a lasting relationship, then you must be confident in the way you look – upload true-to-life media and trust that you will be accepted just the way you are.
  • No lying allowed: It is completely natural to be guarded and to put up walls while getting to know someone online – there are a lot of weirdos out there. However, it is not okay to lie. Instead of lying about it, you can choose not to tell him about your personal life. If you happen to get serious with this guy, lies may come back and destroy your budding relationship.
  • Try not to fall too hard: Falling for someone head over heels is one of the best feelings in the world, especially when the guy that you are into seems to be falling, too. However, falling online can lead to heartbreak because chances are, if you met this guy on a dating site, he may be talking to other gals just as intently as he is with you. Reserve the strong feelings until you are sure that this guy is as you want to believe.
  • Leave the drama behind: Ladies, please do not involve your online guy in your drama. No matter how much he may inquire about your divorce, your children or your financial situations. No guy that you just started chatting with will want to hear that your ex-husband is suing you or that your children think you’re a menopausal she-devil, or that your business is failing. Reserve the drama for at least after the third or fourth date.

The odds of you finding a datable man online at any age is pretty high, I should know, I found a guy nine years ago on a site called mate1. We did the long distance thing for three years, got married, had an adorable daughter and now we live happily in a modest house in Northern Kentucky.

Do not be afraid to create a few profiles and start on the rocky road of online dating, I’m glad I did. Please comment with your online dating confessions and advice below.

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