Thriving Thru Low Days


To thrive, we have to be patient and allow ourselves to experience what I refer to as the “low days.” For me, low days are when I am uncharacteristically sad, lonely or depressed, etc. I hate these feelings! These feelings run counter to who I am. While enduring a low day, I try as best I can to find my joy. I dig deep within to try and figure out what is blocking my happiness.

Usually, I’m disappointed or want to do something that is out of my control. Sometimes I’m bored with my day-to-day life or I have nothing “special” to look forward to…and I need that! I could just be bored from not doing anything or planning to do anything that is fun, romantic or stimulating in some special way.

Shopping is always a fun distraction, but it’s usually short-lived. The rush or excitement about my new purchase usually goes away and I feel unfulfilled again. In the end, to overcome my low days, I rely upon prayer and ask for peace of mind and the ability to feel excited about my life again. I find that the key is to be patient with the healing process, and open, observant and receptive to all of life’s possibilities.

Recently, I had a low day. I felt sad or depressed and guilty because I should have been at peace. I had no work related stress and my life was good and blessed, yet I felt little joy.

I tried some of my usual things to spark my joy and heal myself, e.g, family travel planning, researching salsa dance classes, writing, relaxing, etc. Nothing clicked in for me. I was seeking interactive solutions to improve my mood and nothing really worked. Eventually, I had a dinner date and that was temporarily distracting at best.

I slept fairly well that night and the next day I woke up and decided to get a new hairdo. I know that sometimes you have to make a change to feel differently. Luckily, I got a last minute appointment and I was excited about changing my look for the fall.

But here’s the kicker: before I left for the salon, my hubby mentioned his plans to coach middle school basketball again this year. I must have had a surprised look on my face because without me saying a word, he said “You know how much I love coaching..” Now admittedly, I’m thinking that coaching and his new business responsibilities will further decrease our opportunities for quality fun times, let alone salsa lessons. But miraculously, at the same moment, a calming peace came over me, I smiled and said “Yes, I do….” and I could not stop smiling.

You see, at that moment I realized that I was searching for my joy from being with him and my family. However, what I really needed was to find my joy from my own interests and passion.

Immediately, I decided to enroll in the yoga and Pilates classes that I have been talking about for years. I’m sitting in the salon excited about my plans. I’m heading to the yoga studio as soon as I get my “hair did” :)….I might even stop at the animal shelter to check out the puppies and kittens!

Have patience with your low days and never stop searching for your inner joy. I found mine again through prayer and acceptance that I needed to “get me some business” and not depend solely on my hubby, nor try to steal his joy with my unfulfilled needs.

I’ve got me and I’m good! See you later!!!!

How do you cope with your low days?

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