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Thriving Tip: News Flash! Despite how the popular media defines cougars, Thriving Cougars don’t aspire to capture young men.


Thriving Cougars aspire to enhance their assets, i.e., mind, body and spirit, and cultivate relationships with people that have similar aspirations, needs and desires, regardless of age.

Thriving Cougars are not just cougars by another name. Thriving Cougars have a lifestyle and outlook that reflect experience, wisdom, confidence and strength. Thriving Cougars add value in their relationships. Thriving Cougars also value realism ensuring that what they give is well received and what they get is desired.

Thriving Cougars can not be pigeonholed. We stand out, yet blend in at all occasions. Some Thriving Cougars choose to love and honor their mates, some are trying to ball with the ballers, and others realize that the owners are the true ballers. Thriving Cougars are comfortable with themselves, embrace life, and play their hand well. No illusions and No Regrets!

That being said, I am thinking seriously about the inevitability of our life process:

“Everything that has happened had to happen. Everything that must happen cannot be stopped.—Dwayne Dyer”
Excerpt From: Vanzant, Iyanla. “Acts of Faith.” Fireside, 2001-08. iBooks.

We often waste time and energy working against the natural flow of life. We struggle through life trying to change the natural life process. We need to discern between giving our very best and when to let go.

I’ve learned to tune into my inner spirits for advice. I rely on my gut and walk by faith through life. As difficult as it is sometimes, I realize that I grow from pain. We learn lessons in the valley that prepare us for the mountain top.

As the seasons change, we should become wiser. With life lessons under our belts, we should know that change leads to new opportunities. We must grieve for the status quo, but not forever. As you come to terms with the inevitability of change, focus on new possibilities. Develop a new vision for your life.

If you refocus on your passion and the joy that passion brings to your life, your mood will improve. In time you’ll be able to embrace change…it’s inevitable.

How do you relinquish control of the inevitable and focus on a passion-filled life?

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