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Welcome to Tips & Blog!

As I enjoy the excitement surrounding the launch of the new Thriving beta site, I’m in awe of the possibilities. My vision to create a lifestyle brand that celebrates and promotes beauty, health and well being for experienced women is reality. Explore the site for information and products for Thriving Cougars!

Women are now embracing their 40s and beyond with vicious style, self confidence and sustained relevance. Check out the latest Celebrity Cougars.  As “Cougars” we thrive by taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Check out the Thriving Cougar Credo to learn what it means to be a Thriving Cougar. Thriving Cougars achieve synergy between mind, body and spirit and share what works. The Thriving Tips and Blog is an information sharing forum for experienced women to share what really works to enhance beauty, health and overall well being.

I considered the possibilities for the subject of this inaugural blog for quite some time. I finally decided to start with a conversation about change. As the seasons change, so does my life.  My responsibilities, priorities and outlook are evolving over time. I’ve accepted that aging is my reality if I am fortunate enough to live my life. Therefore, I’m here to proclaim that the seasoned life can be embraced and conquered gracefully with rational, on-trend style. If you relinquish your fear of aging, and embrace the possibilities of being the best woman you can be, you’ll strive to be your best…and Thrive, Cougar, Thrive!

We must be receptive to change and embrace opportunities to thrive. As seasoned women, let’s share our positive experiences to embrace the Thriving Cougar lifestyle. The information sharing forum, Thriving Tips & Blog, provides opportunities to enhance ourselves and embrace the world as strong, confident, experienced and relevant women. So, the first steps are: 1) be willing to change, 2) share information about what works for you, and 3) take actions that will result in positive changes in your life.

Why now? Why not! Over the years, we focus on many priorities such as our mates, children, family, career, etc. Well, what about you? Are you actively in touch with your faith? Do you eat nutritious food and move your body regularly? Are you appropriately styled on trend to highlight your assets? Do you have a realistic view of yourself and your strengths? Do you emphasize your strengths? Do you command respect and set standards for all relationships? Can you live a mutually satisfying and enjoyable life with minimal drama?

Let’s explore the answers to these questions and focus on Cougar Care. So, what is Cougar Care? Cougar Care encapsulates strategies to heal, comfort or improve our lives. And who knows what works best? Cougars do! And if we share this information with each other, we thrive together! We improve our life and the lives of our brethren. Are you ready to thrive? 

Thriving Cougars are always prepared for the prowl and ready to conquer the world!

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