Thriving Cougar Celebrating Milestones!


We are living our vision: The Thriving Cougar lifestyle brand is effectively sharing information and encouraging mature women to continue to enhance their mind, body, spirit and style.

Let’s toast it up! We’re celebrating our recent success exceeding 1000 likes on the Thriving Cougar Facebook page,, and over 800 registered users on the beta website.

These might be meager numbers to some, but they are significant milestones to us “true believers.”

For Newcomers:

Thriving Cougar is a lifestyle brand for mature women who choose to continue enhancing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. is a website including:

Thriving Tips and Blog sharing information about the Thriving Cougar lifestyle;

Thriving Cougar Store selling women’s clothing and accessories depicting the Thriving Cougar lifestyle brand;

Celebrity Cougars: women in the media who personify the Thriving Cougar Lifestyle, and

Cougar Care: Thriving Cougar recommended products that really work.

We are passionate about and motivated by the underlying premise:

Knowledge is Power! As women gain life experience, we can enrich each other by sharing useful information to mitigate negative impacts of aging. Thriving Cougar encourages women over 40 years of age to make wise lifestyle choices to enhance their mind, body, spirit and style.

Always strive to thrive! We will continue to share useful information to thrive by. Please let us know what you want to know more about and we’ll make it happen.

Please follow ThrivingCougar on Instagram for the latest in #CougarStyle and @ThrivingCougar on Twitter.

As the seasons of your life change, choose to thrive! Strive to be your best! Thanks for your support!

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