The Secret of Sex Appeal as an Older Woman

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Dressing sexy at age 20 is pretty simple stuff, because you’re going to look good no matter what you wear and all the clothes are made for you. Dressing sexy at age 40, 50, 60? Style becomes a lot less friendly in these decades, and sex appeal becomes much harder to harness. Staying sexy is about knowing what to wear, but it’s also about knowing how to wear it.

Sex Appeal

The sexiest thing you’ll ever put on is confidence. Always wear something that makes you feel good, in colors that you like. Show off your shape and don’t try to hide. Embrace what’s sexy about you and share it with the world, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to feel confident about who you are.

Don’t buy clothes because they’re trendy or because your friends like them. Buy what you like and what makes you feel good. When you’re wearing something you enjoy, you’re going to walk a little taller and feel a little bolder when you’re out in the world. You’ll be more likely to look people in the eye, and less likely to shrink from attention. Sexy is a woman who meets an admiring gaze head-on, and that’s what you should do. You’re not a shy schoolgirl anymore, you’re a thriving, sexy lady.


If you’ve gained a little extra weight since you’re 20th birthday, then you’re a lot like the majority of people. It’s very common to gain weight with age, and menopause can bring unexpected weight gain rather quickly. But if you’re using layers to hide those parts of yourself, you could just be making your body look bulkier.

Wearing heavy jackets and sweaters to hide your shape will make you appear boxy and shapeless, and that isn’t sexy. Instead of covering a huge area of your body, learn how to flatter certain areas and downplay others.

You can still use layers to hide your arms, if that’s a problem area for you. Wear a cropped, tailored jacket. This will keep your arms covered without covering up your waist. The short top layer will help your waist appear slimmer, and keep your shape accentuated. The size of the shape isn’t what matters – it’s the shape itself that’s sexy. Show the lines of your waist, bust and hips. Whether it’s a petite figure or a full figure, show them your figure. Those curves are sexy in all sizes.


Katharine Hepburn practically made a career out of wearing turtlenecks, which she did to hide her age. Covering up your neck seems like an easy way to look a little bit younger…but what’s sexy about a turtleneck?

Instead, try a collared shirt. You can still get coverage around the neck, but you can also show a little bit of skin to open up your look. If you still have some folds and lines that you want to hide, use a colorful statement necklace or a dashing scarf. Now your neck is hidden, but you can still show a tantalizing bit of chest if you like.

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Being Sexy

Sexiness is no longer linked with youth. Many older women are incredibly appealing, and some have even made silver hair a coveted look. The true secret of sexiness is being comfortable with who you are. So find a way to do that. If you want your hair a different color, dye it. If you want to stop dyeing it, then stop. Cut it short or wear it long, but be comfortable with it. Once you’re comfortable with you, the rest of your look will easily fall into place. The sexiness will follow.

By Rina Lacey


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