Ten New Activities to Try


Start thriving by trying new things, from the extreme to the mundane, to discover something new about yourself while meeting new people.

Once you get past the rush of figuring out who you are and what you want to do, where you’re going to live and who you’re going to spend time with, it’s easy to fall into patterns. You get yourself on a schedule, you fall into specific hobbies, you see the same people…and the years roll by.

But now is the time to thrive, not wither on the vine!

Experiment with a new activity (or 10) to learn something new, meet someone new or discover something new about yourself:

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Dance Dance

Try the YMCA, local churches, gyms and dance studios to find a dance class you may enjoy. Learn a type of dance you’ve never tried, or perhaps one you enjoyed as a kid. Even if you don’t think you’re very graceful, you may find the class to be a lot of fun. You’ll meet people and get a good workout (even ballroom dancing burns calories).

Try Charity Work

While you’re at the churches, inquire about volunteer opportunities available in the local community. Look online for volunteer groups, and check with the Red Cross to see if they need any help. As long as you’re trying new things, it never hurts to do some good for someone else.

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Eat Something Exotic

Never had snails, duck liver, or animal intestines? Go out and eat something really exotic. Most restaurants have their menus posted online, so you can shop around to find the most thrilling entrée available. Take a picture, post it to Facebook, and tuck into a delicacy.

Get Musical

Take lessons in piano, guitar, voice or even the xylophone if that interests you, and learn how to make your own music. It’s always exciting to pick up a new skill, and won’t it be fun to wow your friends and family members at the next wedding?


Self-Publish a Book

Amazon’s KDP program makes it very straightforward for anyone to self-publish. Try it for yourself to get your poetry, short story or full-length novel out there. Ever dreamed of writing a steamy romance? A great cook book? A how-to manual for moms? Now’s your chance!

Join the Community Theater

Even if you’ve got stage fright, you can get involved with community theater without being a performer. You’ll meet lots of people and get exposed to the arts. What’s better than that?

Go Horseback Riding

You’ll be with an instructor and get to see nature up close if you go horseback riding. Look to local parks, stables and horse farms to find your opportunity.

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Visit a National Monument or Park

Pick a national attraction close to you (or far) and start driving to go see something amazing. Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument, Niagara Falls — it’s all right in the United States. Find something you haven’t seen, and go!

Go to a Reunion

Get together with lost friends or family members. No reunion planned on the horizon? Plan one yourself, and you’ll learn how to put together a soiree. Facebook is a great way to find people you’ve lost contact with over the years.

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Try Something Crazy

If you want to get a lifetime experience, try doing something a little crazy. Go skydiving or base-jumping. Try white-water rafting or mountain-climbing. Follow all the safety rules and regulations and put yourself in the hands of nothing less than a trained and skilled professional, and you should walk away with a memorable experience you can cherish.

By Rina Lacey

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