Stop Trying to Get Blood From Turnips!

Whoa Cougar!

The evolution of my mind, body and spirit is an awesome experience. As I grow older, wiser and more in tune with myself, I know what I want, and more importantly, I know what I don’t want. I am more confident and have greater personal satisfaction, as well as zero tolerance for unnecessary drama and negativity.

As I evolve, I try to conform my current environment, circumstances and relationships to fit my new mold. However, this approach, my dear Cougars, sometimes causes problems that can sap my energy and steal my joy.

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that as you age and evolve, so too must your environment and relationships change. If some folks in your life don’t embrace change and become obstacles to your personal growth, as my mama used to say, “Stop trying to get blood from turnips!”

We love our family and friends. They connect us to the universe and help make life worthwhile, meaningful and fun. Now, more than ever, we can easily reconnect with old friends, too. And when we reconnect with old friends, we love to reminisce about the past. Our convos tend to be about what happened “back in the day” or catching up on what’s transpired over the last twenty years or so…

However, dear Cougars, some of our old friends have not evolved over time. They are stuck in the past. They try to take you back into their mold of doing the same things you used to love to do years ago. But if you’ve successfully evolved and grown wiser over the years, some of the things you used to do have lost their appeal.

So, you try the next best thing: introduce your old friends to your new interests! However, the truth is, some folks will be open to your new passions and others will not understand or embrace the change in you. The bottom line is that you may have to accept that your new mold may be out of sync with folks stuck in an old paradigm.

While I love and highly value my handful of life-long friends, I’ve had a multitude of acquaintances over the years that will continue to pop into my life. Sometimes these rekindled relationships will be worthwhile, and sometimes I’ll have to let go, again.

I know that I must continue to meet new people, make new friends, and have brand new life experiences to Thrive!

I can’t expect everyone to come along for my ride. It’s my ride and I’m driving straight to my destiny. I’m not trying to be everything to everybody that I care for or those who care for me. I have to be me…today, not the woman I was twenty years ago. I’ve changed and I’m unapologetic for the woman I’ve become.

The truth is that my new interests keep me thriving and vibrant. My new found joys are my new lifeblood. I’ll share along the way, but don’t try to hold me back or pull me into a mold that no longer fits my lifestyle. I’m committed to living my best life now! Remember: yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised so don’t waste your time today.

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