Reality Check!

Thriving Tip: See yourself as you are! Have a realistic view of yourself – your strengths and developmental areas.
Develop your strengths and talents to be all you can be, and then you are positioned to give your best to others. Put your oxygen mask on first, then try to help someone else! Understand your developmental areas, but don’t dwell too long. Instead, focus more of your time and resources on enhancing your strengths – a much wiser investment with a better payoff.

I tend focus on the real. I prefer to turn my dreams into a vision with an action plan. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t daydream about what I want in life. I do, but I don’t allow myself to live perpetually in a dream state. I reel myself in and decide what I want and what I can do to get it. While supporters, sponsors and even fairy tale endings are possible, life teaches us time and again to keep it real and depend upon ourselves and our faith for sustained success.

As the seasons change, I continue to strive to be my best. I gain confidence from my efforts to live well. I am confident and comfortable in my skin and it shows. That being said, I present myself with stylish flair, but stay grounded in the realism of the season I’m in….and it feels good. I wouldn’t trade my impact on the world and legacy to be a kitten again. I can still purrrrr…..with the best of them 😉

Cougars, how can we be rational and ready for the prowl? How can we continue to be relevant and on trend without looking foolish?

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