A Facebook friend wisely advised her friends to #Purge and I did! While her focus was on getting our financial house in order and saving money, she inspired me to start purging in another way. I started assessing and purging boxes of my life stored in my basement for years.

I started purging by going through my dear deceased Mother’s personal belongings. While I donated, gifted and purged a lot of her things when she passed eight years ago, I stored many items that I was not emotionally ready to part with at the time.

As expected, it was an emotional experience…productive and emotional. I purged a huge contractor bag of things that were no longer useful or needed. I found and purged papers (including some of my high school book reports!), medical supplies, and nicknacks like plastic fruit, which she loved and I always hated :-).

I also let go of many greeting cards that Mom saved over the years. She kept Every card that I had given her for birthdays, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, etc. When she passed on, I just couldn’t deal with these obviously cherished items. At the time, my feelings were too raw. I missed her so much that I could only focus on my grieving process. I was emotionally incapable of disposing of some of her precious belongings. I felt as though keeping these things was like keeping her near me…

Well, as I read the cards and my tears flowed freely, I wasn’t sad as much as I was grateful. I was grateful that I was blessed to have my mother in my life for over forty-five years, and more importantly, the cards validated what I already knew: she was loved exceedingly well and she knew it! Over and over again my cards told her how much I loved and appreciated her, and I know that she cherished my love as expressed through the many cards because she kept them over the years.

While I kept a few special letters, I was able to throw away the multitude of cards with feelings of satisfaction and no regrets. We loved each other well. There was nothing left unsaid between us and I am forever grateful for her loving, everlasting spirit.

Over the years we accumulate so much stuff. There comes a time when there’s no room for anything new! I am now committed to continue with my purging of stuff that’s no longer needed. I hope that as I clean house, I’ll continue to feel grateful for each day and optimistic about the future.

Do you have a bunch of “stuff”? Are these things really needed? What do you need to purge?

Special thanks to Christina Forever Thankful Martin. Let’s commit to #Purge!

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