As an experienced, independent woman faced with imminent, major life changes, I am laser-focused on identifying what I want to do next with my life. As the seasons change, I find myself wrapping up my current career and contemplating my future. I am thankful for the accomplishments under my belt and now I must move on with my life.

While I am grounded in the reality of the moment and counting my blessings each day, I am also contemplating and visualizing my future. I’m grateful that my needs are met, but what do I want next in my life?

I want to take better care of myself. In that vein, I am looking forward to eliminating the career related stress in my life. I want to tap into my creative energy and feel passionate about what I do every day. I want to give and receive love and be respected for being unapologetically me, myself and I.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I want to continue to share what I know “…and I know what I know…” (Jill Scott inspiration), and I want to learn from others whose life path or experiences have been different from mine. I want to be my authentic self, sharing, caring and accountable for my actions.

As I move into the next phase of my life, I want to be a better woman, wife, stepmother, grandmother, godmother, friend and sister, and I want to implement healthy standards for all of my relationships. I want to feel my joy and commit to myself and my vision as I have committed to so many others who signed my checks over the years. I want to be successful according to my own standards while living the next genre of my life.

The Thriving Cougar Credo expounds the synergistic advantages of seeking peace of mind, body and spirit to live your best life, regardless of personal status. (See the Thriving Cougar Tips and Blog) As a Thriving Cougar, I know I’ll be judged by others based on their respective perceptions of the Thriving Cougar lifestyle, but do I care? No. No performance appraisals needed! I am seasoned and strong enough to walk my walk with ever-present spirits in tow without my familiar circle of supporters and true believers.

I just want to live my vision for my life. My vision is beyond my circle and my legacy will be my impact on the world. Will my vision survive without the up-close and personal validation that I am used to receiving? Only time will tell.

I know that women who have conquered their youth and achieved the blessing of a seasoned stage of life understand where I’m at. I don’t want to pack it in! I still want to live my best life. I see what I want to achieve and have the will to go get it: I want to feel and look my best while appropriately on trend. I want to continue to be relevant and powerful. I want to share information, continue to positively impact others, and be recognized for my achievements. I want to passionately love my life.

At times, my life experiences have shaken me to my core. Time and again with God’s grace I survived, so I have faith in, not fear of, what’s coming next in my life. What I know is that grace and favor are on my side. If I do my part with good intentions and consistent commitment, I’ll thrive. I know that true judgement will come my way one day and I will have to account for my life. I’ve asked for forgiveness for my transgressions and know that I’ve been forgiven. Yet all is not forgotten, and I’m ready to answer for it all.

For now, I have more time. I am entering this new phase of my life with inner peace, joy and vision. As a Thriving Cougar, I’m prepared and ready to meet life’s challenges and opportunities. In the meantime, I don’t spend time on arbitrary perceptions of me or how I choose to live my life.

I know what I want. I can see the life I love and don’t have time to waste. So, I keep moving forward. I am authentic and forthcoming about how I feel and have no illusions. I know how I want to be loved and accept that I cannot control how I am loved. (…a life lesson learned from Oprah.) However, I won’t use my definition of or expectations for love to dismiss what I’m given in the name of love. It is what it is, but is it enough? Only time will tell since what’s meant for me shall be mine!

What do I really want next? Am I strong enough to go get it? Am I mentally, physically and spiritually strong enough to step out on faith, walk my walk, and fulfill my vision? Yes, indeed I am!
How are you preparing to conquer major life changes or events?

Each one teach one!

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