Makeup for Aging Eyes: Brighten and Widen Your Peepers

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Eyes are a central feature of your face, something that everyone notices. Age can make your eyes look droopy and tired, but there are ways to use makeup to make your peepers look wider, brighter and younger.

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Prime Your Eyes

Makeup looks better if it has a strong foundation. Use eyelid primer to give your makeup a smooth base to work with. After the primer is dry, smoothly apply a little foundation or concealer to your eyelid. Don’t forget to include the area between your eyelid and eyebrow, and don’t neglect the area beneath your eye. The eye makeup will stick better to this base layer.

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Choosing Your Shadow

The type of eye shadow you use and the color shades you pick are important if you want younger-looking eyes. Wear matte eye shadow all over the lid as a base. Apply shadow in a smooth, even sweep. Use a brush to apply the color, and remember that less is more. If you pile on the makeup, it will settle into fine lines and make your eyes look more wrinkled.

Next, sweep on a line of highlighting eye shadow. This should be applied to the top lid in a smooth line from the inner corner across the lower edge of the lid. A little shimmery shadow here will draw light to your eyes and make them look wider.


Choose eye shadow colors that complement your natural eye color. Stick to lighter shades, rather than dark shades, to avoid making your eyes look smaller. Pair blue eyes with warm tones, such as peach and pink. Pair brown eyes with cooler shades, like green and blue.

Accentuate Your Eyes

Lift your eyes by lifting your eyebrows – or at least, creating the illusion of doing so. Sweep a little white eye shadow beneath the arch of your brows. This will draw light toward your eyes and lift up your eyebrows.

Use black mascara. This will make the whites of your eyes look whiter, and your lashes will be more visible. Eye lashes may become thinner with age, so black mascara is a good way to make them look stronger. Sweep mascara on from the base of the lash to the tip, curling upward as you go. Curl your lashes to make eyes look wider.

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Brighter, Wider Eyes

You don’t need to go under the knife to brighten and widen your eyes. You simply need to master certain makeup tricks. Use the right colors and shading to complement your eyes and make them stand out. Use tools to curl your eyelashes and make your eyes look wider. Use the eyes you have, and make them start working for you again.

By Rina Lacey


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