Live Passionately!


As women, we are often consumed with the joys of taking care of our loved ones, family, friends, home, career and ourselves, in priority order. As a result, we can lose touch with our inner self, particularly as the seasons change over time. I want to encourage you to refocus a bit on your own needs, vision and passion for life.

As we live our lives, we gain experience, become seasoned and hopefully, wiser about life and the ways of the world. I know now that if we are are to give and receive love at our own unique capacity, we need to fill our own cup first “…put your oxygen mask on first, then help someone else…” This is an important belief based on my life experiences and an integral theme in the Thriving Cougar Credo. It’s my philosophy and it works!

I see many women sacrificing themselves for the love of family and the responsibilities of life. No question there is abundant joy to be attained from these activities. The question is, are you the best you can be? Can you honestly say that you’ve positioned yourself to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, employee, manager, leader, etc.? Do you feel passion for what you do in the major components of your life?

My advice is to position yourself for your best life. Whatever that means to you, just do it. Create your own vision of success, work consistently, and achieve. Perhaps, you just can’t drop everything and start a singing career, but taking singing lessons or singing in a church or community choir may be the right steps in the direction of your passion. Find your passion(s) in life and do it!

I find that in our younger years we have many reasons not to pursue our passions in life. We’re too busy making a living doing whatever we do to meet our responsibilities. We don’t always have time to consider what we can do to meet our responsibilities and feel passionate about it. Then, as the seasons change, the children grow up and your parents may become more dependent you. You realize that you’ve lived over half of your life, and what now? What’s next?

Younger folks are at the pulse of so many current-day-yesteryear trends it’s comical how there are so few new and original thoughts… Why not use your life experiences to create an original, new trend?

As a Thriving Cougar, I continue to position myself to be and give my best in all that I do. I am passionate about being appropriately on trend and sharing positive information about the Thriving Cougar lifestyle. My approach to life is my passion and the results are personal satisfaction, peace and no regrets.

What’s your vision for achieving passion in your life? Are you living your vision for your life, or are you ready to make some life changes? Do tell….

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