Getting Better From the Inside – Out

Cougartip: It takes commitment, consistency, confidence and recurring work to get better at anything you do. Sometimes you can’t see your progress because you’re improving from the inside – out.


Visualize your ideal self and life. Only you can see the person you want to become and the life you want to lead. You may share your aspirations with your mate, friend, family or even a stranger, but only you can really see your vision for your life…your “ideal self.”

My best advice is to set and achieve goals to make your vision real. Each goal, action and achievement along the way bring you closer to your ideal self.

For example, let’s assume your vision is to be healthier and smarter. Whether it’s hitting the gym or taking a course, each activity brings you closer to your vision of a healthier and smarter you. Each crunch makes you stronger and each lesson learned makes you smarter.

I say, be flexible as you move forward. Tweak your vision, goals and activities as necessary in response to life. The key is that you will get better, closer to your ideal self, only if you make it happen.

There are Six important steps to living your vision for your life:

1. Set realistic goals.

2. Conduct activities that move you toward goal achievement…every day.

3. Be flexible.

4. Adjust your vision and goals as you experience life.

5. Develop a passion for your process. When you have a passion for your process, you’re doing what you love and focusing less on results.

6. Be patient along the way and Be patient with the results. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t seem to be changing fast enough.

Sometimes you can’t see your progress because you’re working from the inside out.

In part, my vision is to be a size or two smaller and more fit. My vision is to comfortably wear my fierce Summer wardrobe and ambitiously don a two-piece bathing suit again, even of it is only at my home swimming pool 😉


I’m taking yoga and Pilates classes and love it. I feel stronger and see changes in my body. However, lately I feel Large and Lean. I’m firming up. My belly is getting smaller and my butt is now recognizable! It’s firmer and bigger…uh bigger is not exactly what I was striving for, but it’s alright, it’s part of my process…a by-product of moving toward my vision.

I’m learning to appreciate the feel of the firm muscle under the layer of fat 😮 I’m learning to love the feel of both the firm and soft as my body continues to change. I’m changing from the inside out!

That being said, I know that I must continue to eat “cleaner” and healthier, and do more cardio work. I will naturally walk more when the weather is warmer, but I need it now! So I’m modifying my goals and making cardio exercise more of a priority. I’m finally executing my plan to integrate kick boxing into my fitness regimen.

As you move toward your vision, get in tune with your inner process and internal growth. Take the time to notice subtle but real achievements. Value each success and lesson learned along the way.

I’m not dreaming about my 20- or 30-year old self. I’m wiser and better seasoned now. I have a new, Thriving Cougar vision for my life. My silhouette is brand new, recreated by me and resulting from what I’m doing right now!

What’s your vision and what are you doing to make it real?

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