Get Your Head Right!

Thriving Tip: Free your mind of unnecessary clutter. Focus on what’s really important including Your Vision, Passion, and Peace of Mind.

I am a firm believer in positioning myself to give my best. If and when I am not at my best, I give at a mediocre level. Since what you give to the world comes back to you, being my best and giving my best assures that I live my best life. I believe that life can be approached as a continuum of giving. Too deep? Let me break it down another way. If I am aware of my developmental areas and focused on enhancing my strengths, I don’t have time or energy to dwell on negativity, lack of fulfillment, who wants what I have, or what somebody else has that I may want, too…Instead, I strive to keep my head right. I am laser-focused on positive progression and sharing my best with others.

Passion can assist you in distinguishing between value and unnecessary clutter in your mind and life. Whether it is your career, family, marriage or other relationships, a certain level of joy or passion should align with each relationship or activity for peace of mind. My peace of mind is fulfilling and non-transferable.

Most of us have to do things that we may not want to do to meet our responsibilities to others and care for ourselves. When I have no joy or passion for the mundane, I change my perspective or outlook. When my joy and passion are fleeting or non-existent, I find joy in and give thanks for the blessings in my life. I know that when I clear my mind and life of clutter, and live my vision with passion, I thrive!

Cougars, what do you do to stay sane and positively focused?


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