Faith is the Key!

Thriving Tip: Faith is the key to success.
If you believe in an omnipotent power, you understand that there are some things in life that you can not control. Your beliefs will enable you to overcome fears, step out on faith and accomplish your goals. Sustained faith, doing your best, and letting go of your perceived control over life will validate and strengthen your faith through experience. No fear with faith! Life continuously teaches us valuable lessons and we should apply this knowledge as we live our lives. It’s a process. However, when you come into the modern day “age of enlightenment,” as I like to call it, you can reflect and realize that you’ve overcome obstacles, faced your greatest fears, or survived the well deserved wrath of karma for one reason…God’s mercy. When you trust, believe and know by faith that you would not be alive today, but for His will and favor, it changes your perspective and there are no more doubts. I continue to pray for enlightenment and faith. They sustain me and enable me to thrive. You control your own belief system!

What is your belief system? What beliefs do you have that keep you living an enlightened and fulfilling life?


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