Decide to Make Some Changes and Swoosh!

Thriving Tip: Fitness starts within. Decide to make a change and be patient with your implementation process and flexible with your strategy.

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We all get off track, but each day is an opportunity to start over. We can start or restart our healthier eating habits and rev up our workout regimen by walking more, eating healthier, and drinking plenty of water. It works!

Put on some sneakers and walk. Walk your neighborhood, the mall, around your workplace….the options and opportunities are endless. Start slow and short, but be consistent. You may find that you only have time on the weekends., but that’s OK, just build from where you start. I recently returned to circuit training using weights and bands as a supplement to my beloved outdoor power walking…just me, my music, fresh air, and nature’s beauty…

Eating healthier can start with eliminating as much sugar and salt from your diet as possible. Reduce or give up sodas. Find a substitute that you like. I am loving hot and cold green tea with honey these days. Drink water whenever you can and you probably still won’t meet the daily recommended amount each day. I’ve also further reduced my carb intake by eliminating the bun when I partake in the non-stop BBQ feasts that always rev up in the Summer. Reduce or eliminate processed food and snacks. Find healthy options that you really like and have them readily available. This Summer I’m loving all-fruit smoothies with flax seed, salads with fresh raw veggies, and plenty of grilled meat, poultry and seafood. I’ve also had recent success with a “carb-lite” diet. I further reduced my carb intake by “eliminating the bun” from the recurring BBQ feasts that always rev up in the Summer.

That being said, Take heed: Food deprivation does not work! If you really want it, whatever it is, you should get it and eat it. Just try to reduce portion size and the frequency of your naughty indulgences. You can try to balance or offset the impact of an occasional indulgence by putting in more work and burning the extra calories.

Give it a try and be patient with the process. These minor adjustments will make a difference in time.

What are you doing to prepare for the life you want to lead? What do you do to be comfortable and confident in your skin?

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