Thriving Cougar Credo

TCsinBlackThriving Cougars are wise women who strive for inner peace, have a positive outlook, and enhance their inner and outer beauty.  Thriving Cougars are experienced women who are realistically confident and appropriately styled to complement their physical attributes.  We cherish ourselves and strive for balance and synergy between our mental, physical and spiritual lives. Thriving Cougars know that it takes recurring personal focus and attention to feel and look good.  We understand our strengths and developmental areas.  However, we choose to maximize our strengths, rather than dwell on overcoming our weaknesses.  Thriving Cougars capitalize on lessons learned, appreciate the moment they are in, and know by faith the best is yet to come! Thriving Cougars have discovered and embraced what works for them – i.e., what keeps them tight, sane and well grounded in faith and self confidence. Thriving Cougars share information and maintain a positive outlook on life.  We strive to be our best and give our best to the world.  We recognize our limits and accept the part of life over which we have no control. Thriving Cougars plan and execute our lives with wisdom, passion and no unresolved regrets.   Even when we stumble over bumps on the road of life, we manage to get up by faith.  And with earned resilience, we get back on a steady, realistic course for our lives. When Oprah turned 50, she shared a valuable life lesson that she wished she’d learned sooner… can’t control HOW someone chooses to love you….She was right! Thriving Cougars understand that love is self-defined.  We are free to love and be loved as we choose.  Thriving Cougars can be content alone, with a mate or on the prowl.  Either way, only the fittest will survive.  This credo sets forth the Thriving Cougar approach to life:  We strive to be our best and prepared for the next opportunity.  Thriving Cougars achieve balance and synergy between our mind, body and spirit…


Thriving Cougars fine-tune our self perceptions and approach to life.   We have to get our ‘heads right’ to thrive!  We know that our thoughts about ourselves are projected in our lives.  If your head ain’t right, and you exude negativity, pessimism, over-confidence or insecurities you have not attained the age of enlightenment that personifies Thriving Cougars. Thriving Cougars may have to act differently in settings among various people, but our thoughts and outlook are omnipresent. Therefore, Thriving Cougars strive for authenticity, good intentions and peace of mind. Thriving Cougars are realistic about what we bring to the table. We are comfortable in our own skin and value our uniqueness.  I don’t care if someone shows up in the same dress that I am wearing!  Thriving Cougars know that no one can carry our unique flavor.  We are confident with our style knowing that we are presenting our own unique and best look. Thriving Cougars have little patience for unnecessary drama or competition for what they want.  Comfortable in our own skin, Thriving Cougars aim to do no harm, can accept and apologize when we are wrong, but refuse to fall on a sword for anyone.  Forgive me not and eventually I’ll move on.  Thriving Cougars know that life is short and can let go and move on to explore other options for peace of mind. Thriving Cougars recognize when our  “..mind’s playin’ tricks…”  We can see through the bullshit and then decide to strategically play the game if desired.  Thriving Cougars don’t allow love or lust to control us.  We pursue our desires giving our best and knowing by faith what is meant to be will be.  If it doesn’t fit, Thriving Cougars don’t force it.


Thriving Cougars are experienced women of all sizes, shapes and colors.  Thriving Cougars know that our body is a temple and keep it moving and well fed.  Our common threads are the care and attention paid to our temple. Thriving Cougars don’t deprive or starve themselves, but know how to eat, drink and partake well.  We minimize, moderate and eliminate harm to our temple. Thriving Cougars keep it moving each day possible.  We know and use a variety of methods to move our body.  From mall walkers to ultra runners, Thriving Cougars care about the health and appearance of our body.   We strive to be healthy and fit to be prepared for whatever crosses our path. Thriving Cougars feel and look good.  Always better, tighter and stronger, Thriving Cougars don’t settle for “…as good it gets…”  We know instinctively that we have to continue to care for and enhance our physical assets.  Thriving Cougars are not above getting “work” done to retain or complement our physical assets.  We unapologetically continue to put forth efforts to be our very  best. Thriving Cougars make no bones about using the right accoutrements to accentuate our appearance. Thriving Cougars believe that natural hair or hair weaves and extensions are accessories and no different than adorning jewelry to properly style or enhance an outfit.  Thriving Cougars are cognizant of our season and continue to strive to be impeccably and appropriately styled for every occasion.  Thriving Cougars know how to blend in and stand out at the same time. Thriving Cougars reflect experience, strength and confidence.  Thriving Cougars know that every style is not for every Body.  We also know that just because a garment fits, doesn’t mean it’s best for us. Thriving Cougars build confidence from striving to look and be our best.  We strive to put our best look forward each day and recognize when an outfit or style should be put off for another day or forever.


Thriving Cougars are in tune with their spiritual house.  We understand, recognize, trust and believe in a power greater than ourselves.  Thriving Cougars’ faith is solid…tested over time, and proven solid. Thriving Cougars walk by faith.  We’ve made mistakes and missed some opportunities, but we continue to learn and teach life lessons.  We rely upon this wisdom to walk our walk, adding value along the way. Thriving Cougars rely heavily on our faith to live in peace.  We have faith, rather than drama and fear.  Thriving Cougars accept the predictable and inevitable nature of karma and try to love by the old school golden rule, “…do unto others as you would have them do unto you…” Thriving Cougars stand tall when faced with adversity.  We know by faith and experience that we can and will handle all that comes our way. We also know by faith that God handles the rest…that over which we have no control. Thriving Cougars have repented and paid dearly for our sins. We accept and handle the come back when it’s due.  Thriving Cougars don’t just survive, we thrive with peace and contentment.  Whether we are alone with thoughts and prayers,  in a committed and life-long relationship, or on the prowl for something or someone new to do, Thriving Cougars are comfortable in their own skin. Thriving Cougars strive to be and give our best.  We are willing to share information and add value. Thriving Cougars lift up.  Each one teaches one. We pay it forward.  Thriving Cougars don’t tear each other down or kick someone when they’re down. Cougars, learn your strengths, focus on enhancing your assets, and strive for synergy between your mind, body and spirit.  Be and give your best each day.  Prepare for your prowl and all of life’s exciting and fulfilling possibilities…