Cougar Care: Skin Deep


As the seasons change in life and outside, we are reminded to pay closer attention to the health of our skin. The natural aging process coupled with the onset of cold weather, when we tend to wear additional layers of clothing, all tend to change and promote wrinkles and dry skin.

Cougars, we are well advised to pay closer attention to the care of our skin! As the seasons change, we learn first hand that recurring care of our body is essential to thrive. Well, skin is our largest organ. It covers our entire body and accounts for approximately 16 percent of our body weight. Given the onset of cold weather that many of us are experiencing, I am extremely focused on skin care.

What to do? What to do? There are so many products and procedures on the market. What really works to promote healthier and more beautiful skin all over my body?

There are numerous products on the market that can be used to care for and correct flaws in our skin. Many women are embracing natural skin care products, including natural oil moisturizers, and attest to the benefits of natural remedies for just about everything that ails us. In addition, I’m certain that we’ve all heard about a multitude of products, treatments and procedures including, of course, dermabrasion, Botox and cosmetic surgery to enhance the condition and appearance of our skin.

Well, I am a staunch believer in using Shea butter products to enhance the look and feel of my skin. My shower regimen includes using an exfoliating sponge with Olay Shea Butter Body Wash and a pumice stone to maintain my tootsies in between pedis. I generously apply Keri Shea Butter Lotion and use Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Soufflé mostly on my tootsies and other dry spots. I keep a jar of shea butter soufflé or other “body butter” handy on my night stand with good intentions to smooth the butter on my hands, feet, knees and elbows each night. (See other Thriving Cougar recommended products at

I’ve also had some success with the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye cream, which was endorsed by Dr. Oz, and I really like just about everything in the Bare Minerals product line including deep cleanser, moisturizer, make-up, primer and concealer.

However, as important as products are, recurring #CougarCare should include the following basics:

**Never go to sleep (all night :)) with make-up on, and cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize regularly!**

Finally, I highly recommend getting a good dermatologist and an esthetician. Stay informed, check reviews, and use recommended products and services to enhance your natural beauty.

But, with all of the products, services, expert advice and product claims, how can we invest in what really works for us? Whether it’s dry skin or the dreaded wrinkles, crows feet or puffy eyes, What really Works for You? Cougars, do tell!

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