Comfort vs. Style

Style or Comfort 2

Have you ever looked at a pair of fabulous stilettos and thought, “I’d rather keep my ability to walk thank you very much.” Women over the years have donned some of the most uncomfortable but appealing clothing throughout history but as we get older we tend to opt for more comfortable apparel and why shouldn’t we? Most of us lead busy, even hectic lives, constantly struggling to balance work, family and relationships. If we’re going to be super woman, we might as well be comfortable darn it! The trouble is that in the process of living our daily lives and taking care of others we could slowly start to neglect our appearance for the sake of convenience and comfort, leading us to become…“That Lady”, you know, that shabby lady you’d never stare at directly, but promised yourself you’d never become. But does it even matter how we appear to others? Will comfort and style ever get along?

Does it matter?

The painful truth is, yes, it does. Whether we like it or not we live in a world where we’re judged constantly by our appearance. People are extremely visual by nature and can’t help but make snap judgments based on a first appearance. Let’s be honest, which one of us hasn’t formed specific opinions about someone based on the way they dressed. I know I have. Once we accept that reality, it will be less of a frustration and more of a tool we can use. The fact is that when you look like you’ve taken care in arranging your dress people are more likely to respect, admire and approach you. Think of your personal style as your secret weapon. Your choice of clothing can affect the way people view you, so use it to impress, request and express.

How to make it work

Being stylish doesn’t equal discomfort and comfortable clothing certainly doesn’t mean looking rumpled. Your fashion should make you look and feel good. All it takes is a little mixing and matching. Here’s the secret, any outfit can be enhanced with the right garnishes. The key is incorporating just a few fashionable ideas and items. Think three areas: color, patterns and accessories.

One of the most drastic and easiest ways to spice up your wardrobe is utilizing color. Certain colors actually influence the way people view you. Bright colors and pastels in particular delight people. So as tempting as it is to buy everything in black, try some pops of color here and there. It will freshen up your look. Patterns, like color create interest and dimension. Stripes, polka dots, florals and even abstract shapes can draw attention away from the fact that you are wearing something a bit looser around the form. Remember to never go overboard; break up your prints with a few solids. Choosing the right accessories can also make a huge difference. Hats, statement belts, jewelry and scarves will fine tune any outfit. Fedoras and infinity scarves are particularly en vogue these days and flatter almost everyone.

Floral Infiniti Scarf

If when you think “in style”, you think skinny jeans and leggings, you’re wrong. There are way more comfortable and stylish alternatives. For instance harem pants, especially the tailored kinds, portray a subtle intrigue and playfulness when worn and they instantly add a bohemian flair to your look. Once you try these fabulously roomy trousers there’ll be no turning back. Jumpsuits are also another comfy substitute that give off a chic and strong image.

Dropped Cropped Pants 2

What about the dreaded heels? Who says only heels can make a woman look sexy? There are so many varieties of flats and strappy sandals that give the illusion of elegance. Look for flats that incorporate different media or prints in their design. Browse around for those that have subtle decorations and accents of metals or dainty fabrics like lace. Especially trending now are pointed toe flats that give you all the allure of a heel without the pain.

Pointy Flats

Your clothes have the ability to speak for you before you even open your mouth so let them speak volumes. Although we’re not solely trend followers, things do become trendy for a reason; they make people look good! So why not join in and have fun as well, no discomfort added.

How do you balance style and comfort? Does it matter to you how stylish you appear?

Image sources: spring floral infinity scarf-charlotte, oak side zip harem


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