Breast Enhancement – Alternatives To Surgery

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If there’s one body part that most women would like to change, it’s their breasts; they’re too small, too big, the wrong shape, different sizes or gravity is beginning to take over! But what can you do? Here are some of the options available if you’re considering boosting your breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery

Surgical enhancement entails placing a silicone or saline implant into your body beneath your existing breast tissue. A traditional boob-job can give you overnight results and allows you to choose the size and shape of your breasts.

There are many well-documented disadvantages to surgery. It’s expensive and sometimes the implants leak or rupture so that they need replacement. There can be post-operative complications like infection, bleeding, pain and permanent scarring. In addition, the implants don’t last forever and you’ll need to have them replaced a few years down the line.

Fat grafting

Although this procedure is invasive, it’s not as risky as surgery. Fat is taken from areas on the body where it is plentiful and is implanted into the breast. The technique is generally used to enhance the appearance of the breasts, rather than to enlarge them and is sometimes used in conjunction with surgical implants.

It’s generally more expensive than a traditional boob-job, and the result is not always predictable.

Stem cell implants

This is a relatively new procedure that was originally developed to help reconstruct breast tissue following cancer treatment. It’s now more widely available as an alternative to implant surgery.

Stem cells are harvested from the patient’s stomach or thigh fat. The cells are then injected into the breast tissue where they multiply and grow to create new breast tissue. The result is a breast that looks feels and moves much more naturally than an implant.

Recovery is instantaneous, the procedure is relatively painless and there’s no danger of rejection as is sometimes experienced with traditional implants.

At present, the technique only allows an increase of one cup size and does not provide firming or uplift. The recipient can also expect to wait for several months before seeing any results, and the procedure is around twice the cost of a traditional boob-job.

Vacuum pumps

Breast enlargement pumps work via tissue expansion. Gentle suction stimulates the blood flow through your breast tissue which in turn encourages tissue growth. The breast skin is gradually stretched and your breasts will slowly increase in size.

Although this is a relatively cheap option, it takes considerable dedication and you’ll have to spend at least three months regularly working on your breasts before you see any results.


The quickest and most effective way of enhancing your bust is to pay close attention to your lingerie drawer! Did you know that many women spend their whole lives wearing the wrong bra size? Most good department stores and lingerie shops provide a free measurement and advice service, and it’s well worth taking advantage of this. Not only is it far more comfortable to wear a bra that fits properly, it can also make a world of difference to your boobs’ appearance.

You can choose from padded bras that will lift and enhance the size and shape of your breasts, or try a bra with air pocket inserts and clever design that will give you an instant ‘Grand Canyon’ cleavage and two extra cup sizes. And there’s no need to hide beneath a sarong on the beach either; there are some wonderfully sexy swimwear designs available that offer exactly the same enhancement design features.

Remember that your breasts change size and shape as you get older so it’s important to get measured regularly, particularly if you’ve lost or gained weight.


A great way of defying gravity and keeping your breasts looking perky is to work on your pectoral muscles. Your ‘pecs’ are situated behind your breast fat. If you regularly exercise those muscles, they will gradually grow bigger and your breasts will become firmer and more uplifted.

Exercises that are great for boob-building are push ups and chest press. If you’re not sure how to safely do these exercises, ask at your local gym; that fit young man with the rippling biceps will be glad to show you what to do and watching him work out will take your mind off the pain too!

Breast enhancement creams and pills

Breast enhancement creams and pills are used in conjunction to help build breast tissue. They are usually totally natural products that are also good for overall breast health. Look out for pills containing ginseng, ginkgo biloba, wild yam and fenugreek as these herbs are said to be effective for boosting breast growth. Always use reputable brands.

Creams and pills are much cheaper and safer than any form of surgical procedure but their effectiveness can be unpredictable and results rather slow to achieve.

In conclusion

There are many alternatives that you could consider if you want to enhance your breasts. If you’ve tried any of these methods, or have had success with any other boob-building techniques, do share with other readers!

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