Are You Grooming Your Pubic Hair the Right Way?


Pubic hair has become a symbol for female sexuality. So what does your pubic area say about you, and are you giving it the attention it really needs?

Full or bare? Strip or design? Shave or wax? There are a multitude of grooming options for pubic hair. However, the different options may be a little dizzying. Instead of just picking one and sticking to it, explore your grooming choices.

Grooming Your Hair

According to Dr. Oz, bare pubic areas are trendy these days. Some women say it makes sex more pleasurable, while others do it for health or aesthetic reasons. Pubic hair does have a function, however. The hair naturally keeps this sensitive area of the body warmer and prevents painful friction and skin burns during sex.


Whether you’re doing it for looks, cleanliness or to make your partner happy, look into your different grooming options:

Full Bush: You can always choose to go au natural, like Cameron Diaz does. The A-list actress dished about her personal pubic region in Body Book, a health manual for women. She devotes an entire chapter to the female bush and poetically praises the joys of maintaining a full bush. However, this can restrict your underwear and swimwear choices. A full bush is hard to control in anything high-cut or narrow in the crotch.

Bare, Baby: The Brazilian is such a hot pubic hair trend, it’s featured in an episode of Sex & the City. Going bare makes it easier to keep the area clean, but some women don’t like the bald look. The look is a bit too pubescent for some women. However, going bald is an easy option when it comes to clothing. Just wear what you like with no worry about protruding hair.

Strip: If you remove hair on either side to create a strip, you’re perpetuating a classic bush look. The strip has been a popular choice among women for decades. This type of grooming can be tricky if you do it yourself, however. You may want to use a mirror the first few times if you want the finished product to look neat. A thin strip allows you to wear barely-there undies and bikinis whenever you like.

Patch: If you don’t like the look of going totally bald, you can always leave a little patch in the front. The patch adds a little bit of mystery and allows you to avoid that bald look without growing a large bush. You can also get artistic with a patch, if you like, and attempt to trim hair into a shape (heart, triangle, lightning bolt, whatever strikes your fancy).

Choosing Your Weapon

The type of pubic hair you want isn’t the only decision you need to make. You also have to decide how you’re going to maintain it.

Don’t self-wax. It’s messy, it’s painful and unless you’re acrobatic you’re probably going to get it all wrong, anyway. Waxing results in a very smooth finish, but it is painful. You’ll have to go to a salon to get regular waxes, at least once a month and possibly more often, and that will cost roughly the same as a manicure.

Chemical hair removal is also an option. You smear the chemicals on, let them sit and wipe them away. It’s an option, but don’t do this to your pubic area. It’s usually messy, smelly and painful, and you stand a good chance of getting red bumps and other signs of irritation.

Shaving is by far the easiest at-home option, and the most affordable of all your options. Whether you use an electric or disposable razor, go with the grain of the hair and not against. Lather the area well, work slowly and when necessary pull the skin taut. Soothe the area with lotion once you’re finished.

Electrolysis and laser removal are certainly available, but not advisable. Fads change, minds change and your body changes so anything permanent may become a huge regret later on. Besides, if you choose something permanent you can’t change your look…and isn’t that half the fun of having hair in the first place?

By Rina Lacey

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