Alternatives To Surgical Body Sculpting

Weight Loss

Until recently, liposuction was the most popular method of body sculpting available to women who wanted to keep themselves looking fabulous as they got older. Lipo certainly works, but it’s an invasive technique that can come with a lengthy recovery time and results that are not always predictable.

But now there are a few new kids on the block when it comes to getting yourself into shape.

Freeze-off your fat

Fat-freezing treatments were FSA-cleared a few years ago and have since become very popular. The latest version is known as CoolSculpting, by Zeltiq.

What to expect

Treatment takes place at a regular beauty clinic. Your therapist cools the skin around the target area of fat using a controlled suction cooling process called cryolipolysis. This freezing effect kills the fat cells, which are then eliminated naturally from your body over the following few weeks. Sessions typically last from one to three hours, depending on how large an area you want to treat, and you should expect to see a difference in your appearance a month two following the procedure.

It’s important that you find out how much experience your therapist has before taking the plunge, as results are very dependent on operator technique.

CoolSculpting is reputedly best for treating small, discreet areas, as the evenness of the result can’t be guaranteed. Although downtime is minimal, you might experience some minor bruising, and your skin may feel numb for a day or so after the procedure. The treatment should not need to be repeated, so the price tag of upwards of $500 per session might not be quite as expensive as it first sounds.

Electric shocks to shrink fat

FatGirlShrink’ is a body sculpting treatment that claims to reduce your waistline instantaneously by eliminating water weight. Obviously, the results are not permanent, but the treatment can provide a convenient toning solution for a special occasion.

What to expect

The pain-free procedure involves the application of a layer of thermal clay over the treatment area(s). Electrical currents are then fired through the clay to stimulate the muscles beneath your skin into eliminating excess water. The result is a more toned appearance that can last for up to a month.

Treatment is painless, and there is no recovery downtime or side-effects. The cost of the treatment is around $160 for a one hour session.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipo uses ultrasonic waves at various pressures and temperatures to create tiny bubbles in the fatty tissue. This process causes the fat cells to break down and be harmlessly removed by the body.

What to expect

The therapist uses a concave handset to follow the contours of your body in order to target fat lying at 1cm to 5cm beneath the skin. The heat that the ultrasound produces within the fatty tissue has a micro-massage effect on the targeted cells, causing them to break down.

The procedure takes around 40 minutes and is usually followed by a skin-tightening treatment. The whole treatment takes place over a course of six to eight sessions; there are no side-effects, and no recovery time is needed.

The cost of treatment varies, but you could expect to pay around $1,000 for a course of treatment.

In conclusion

For women who don’t want to go down the route of invasive surgery to improve their body shape and lose excess fat, there are now several viable and affordable alternatives. Have you tried and tested any of these procedures? If so, why not share your experience with other Cougars in the comments section below?


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