5 Reasons You Should Be Proud to Tell Your Age

Be proud of your age

If you’re like a lot of women, you probably have at least one female relative who, for better or for worse, lies about her age. This means that there’s also a pretty good chance that her influence has caused you to either remain 35 for the past several years or it’s tempted you to change the subject whenever the topic of birthdays, as it relates to you and how old you really are, comes up.

However, next time that your birthday rolls around, why not be the “exception” rather than the “rule”? Instead of not sharing the age that’s on your driver’s license, if someone asks “So, how old are you this year?” instead proudly profess the truth? If you’re wondering what possibly could benefit from attempting such a daring feat, here are five reasons why you should be more than proud to tell the world just how old you are.

Age is about perspective. OK, so really think about it. Julianne Moore, Sheryl Crow, Vanessa Williams, Demi Moore and Angela Bassett—they are all celebrities who are in their 50s. And the reality is that based on who you ask, some are going to say that some of the ladies look older than their age while others are going to say they look much younger. The moral to the story is this: Aging is about perspective and so long as you feel good about you, that confidence is going to resonate and bring about a natural glow. Plus, a part of becoming a mature woman is getting past caring what other people think. You did that in your 20s. It’s definitely time to move past that.

With age comes wisdom. It’s a wise person who once said that telling your age is simply professing how much wisdom that you have. In other words, hopefully, with each year, you’ve been growing and evolving into the kind of person that you ultimately want to be. And with every 365-year cycle, you have learned some lessons and come to some conclusions that have only made you a better individual. Remember, aging is not about getting older. It’s literally about becoming better!

There are benefits that come from aging (literally). Look, if you’re at the age where you can get a discount at the movies, why not use it? To not want to save a few dollars when you’re out simply because you don’t want the person at the ticket or grocery counter to know your age is silly. You’ve earned the right to get whatever bonuses that come with how old you are. Don’t deny them; embrace them.

Someone who used to be on this earth wishes they could be your age. All you have to do is go to your favorite online news source today and unfortunately, you’ll see all kinds of examples of people who didn’t get to live as long as you. There’s nothing like the reality check of a gone-too-soon obituary to make you realize that rather than “fighting the clock”, you should be thankful for each and every day that you have on this planet.

It sets a good example to other women. The reality is that a lot of women don’t want to share their age and it’s because those around them seemingly refuse to. You can actually be a leader in your social sphere by being the kind of woman who says “I am 45” or “I am 52” or “I am 69 and proud of it!” There is a real beauty, distinction and admiration that comes from seeing a woman who is proud the time that she has experienced. It’s inspiring to witness a woman who comes from the mindset of “Getting older nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a blessing and something that should be celebrated.” As often as possible. Internally and yes, verbally too!

Are you someone who proudly tells how old you are or are you someone who shies away from doing so? Please share your reasons why you feel the way that you do.

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