10 Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the yummy extraction of mature coconut kernels that contains over 90 percent saturated fat. Although the saturated fat content is on the high end, the abundance of lauric acid and caprylic acid makes the oil a healthy superstar nonetheless. Coconut oil can be used both inwardly and outwardly to enhance one’s health, beauty and vitality which is a literal Godsend for us maturing adults. Below are ten reasons every cougar should use more of the stuff.

10 Reason Every Cougar Should Use Coconut Oil:

  1. It’s anti-aging: The fact that pure coconut oil contains anti-aging properties is reason enough to pick up a jar or two. Coconut oil’s high antioxidant content is effective at fighting off the free radicals responsible for aging. To reap its anti-aging benefits apply a small amount on your skin daily and consume a half a teaspoon at least four times a week.
  2. It’s a skin-loving food: Coconut oil can help improve circulation which can then help balance the PH levels of the skin. Additionally, coconut oil can help enhance moisture levels, deter skin disease and help the healing of lingering scars.
  3. Fights bacteria: Coconut oil is one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents available. It can help fight off infections such as Candida, dandruff, the flu and the common cold.
  4. Coconut oil can give your energy levels a boost: One of the biggest complaints about getting older is the loss of youthful energy – coconut oil can help with this. Regularly consuming coconut oil can improve energy by jump starting the metabolism and keeping you going all day.
  5. Coconut oil can improve organ function: The high antioxidant content and fatty acid compounds contained in coconut oil can drastically improve the functions of the organs in the body. It can help detox the body of bad bacteria and toxic build up which stimulates the organ function.
  6. Coconut oil loves to eat fat: As we get older, it can get harder for us to lose those annoying extra pounds. Consuming coconut on a regular basis can help due to its ability to speed up the metabolism.
  7. Coconut oil can increase one’s sex drive: The high antioxidant properties and enhanced circulation attribute of coconut can help increase the sex drive. This benefit can be valuable especially for women approaching the roller coaster years of menopause.
  8. It can help deter signs of hair loss: Coconut oil can be used on the hair and scalp to help stimulate the hair follicles and strengthen the hair from breakage.
  9. Coconut oil can help strengthen the immune system: Coconut oil can help strengthen the overall immune system which can help lengthen one’s lifespan. Coconut oil can help balance cholesterol and blood sugar level. It has also been praised for stimulating the thyroid system, defogging the brain, supporting the heart and even killing cancer cells.
  10. It can help support strong bones and healthy teeth: Coconut oil can increasing one’s bone structure which can help reverse signs of osteoporosis, arthritis and weakened teeth. Additionally, its anti-bacteria attribute can help reverse signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

As wonderful as coconut can be, caution should still be exercised when starting any new supplement. Consult your doctor with your concerns, only use organic cold process varieties and always adhere to the recommended daily dosage… Do you know any other cougar benefit of using coconut oil?

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