10 Makeup Tips And Tricks To Try As You Get Older

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Women wear makeup for the same reasons, it’s a creative way to express their style and personality in a fun way that enhances their natural beauty. When you are younger you have the tendency to think the more the merrier however, as you age and truly find your self-confidence, you realize less is more. One thing about getting older that is inevitable is your skin will change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Your skin is changing as you age and you may have to change your makeup routine and or products to ensure that you are using the proper products for your maturing skin. One great way to ensure your makeup application goes off without a hitch is to use primers. There are primers that will help your eye shadow and foundation stay in place all day long. Eye shadow primers help to stop shadows from creasing, as well as boost the vibrancy of your eye shadow color. Foundation primer much like eye shadow primer help your foundation “stay put” all day and most importantly, act as a barrier between your skin and your makeup.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about enhancing your appearance. The key is to be open to trying new makeup tip and tricks. Here are 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks worth trying:

1. Find the perfect foundation for your skin type. You want to find a foundation that lasts all day and matches your skin type. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, when shopping for your foundation it is important to test the product on your face.Apply the foundation on a small area of your face and if the color blends into your skin flawlessly, then you know you have found the perfect match.

2. Try a BB Cream. BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm and it is an all-in-one cosmetic product that is designed to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. BB Creams are an alternative to foundation and they are perfect for light coverage. You still need to test BB Creams to ensure you are wearing the correct color. Sometimes your skin does not do well with a heavy foundation, so you can wear a BB Cream instead and you can still achieve a flawless look just with a lightweight formula.

3. Leave the powders alone. When you get older it is important to stay far away from face powders because they will settle in your fine lines and wrinkles and make them more noticeable. If you have oily skin it is best to apply a translucent powder only to your oily areas using a fluffy makeup brush.

4. Bye black eyeliner. Although you probably wore a ton of black eyeliner in your younger days, it’s definitely time to ditch it now. As you get older, the skin around your eyes start to change and wearing black eyeliner can cause your under eye area to appear darker and dreary. You want your eyes to pop and be bright, so instead of black try navy, grey or brown eyeliner.

5. Avoid shimmer eye shadows. Shimmer eye shadows are a lot of fun to wear when you are younger; however they showcase the wrinkles and creases around your eyes. Instead, use matte eye shadows because it looks more flattering as you age.

6. Be careful not to overdo your eye makeup. Of course, as you get older you want your eyes to look “wide awake” and beautiful. However, you have to be careful that you do not go overboard with the eyeliner and eye shadow. One way to prevent this from happening is to go easy on the eyeliner, wear light or neutral shades of eyeshadow on the top lids, shape eyebrows, add mascara and that’s it! Simply Gorgeous!

7. Wear neutral blush shades. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks with a big fluffy makeup brush. Be sure to stick with coral, beige or earth tones and avoid bright shades like pink or orange.

8. Lipstick. Adding your lipstick is probably the last makeup product that you apply and it is important that you choose the right shade. If you opt for a darker lipstick, it will make your lips look smaller. When you wear light shades, it gives you the illusion of fuller lips and looks more natural.

9. Always double-check your makeup. Before you walk out the door always double-check your makeup to make sure everything is just how you want it to look. The easiest way to check your makeup is to snap a quick photo. This photo will allow you to see if you have applied too much blush and make sure you are wearing the right shade of foundation.

10 Keep your hair color in mind. If you have beautiful red hair it is best to stay away from black eyeliner and mascara, also red hair is best complemented by warm hues like browns, coral and peach eye shadow and lipstick.If you have black hair, put the focus on your eyes with shades like charcoal and navy and keep lips and cheeks subtle with sheer pink shades. Brunettes can pull of vibrant hues like plums, burgundies, reds and metallics. Blondes look best in sheer shades of peach, pink, gold and champagne. Medium-brown hair gives you a wide range of color options from earthy neutrals to bold shades of coral, berry and pink.

Keep these tips in mind when you want to update or enhance your look. What makeup tips and tricks have you incorporated into your beauty routine over the years?


By: Chantel Alford

Photo Source: www.prevention.com

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